Keynote Speaking

We have a global network of diversity and inclusiveness professionals who offer services in multiple languages. Our consultants tailor each speaking engagement to your needs and objectives, with practical strategies for building skills, tools and diversity and inclusion strategies into the workplace.

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Topics can include:

  • Developing a Global Mindset in Changing Times
  • Making Cultural Agility a Core Competence
  • Inclusive Leadership in Diverse Work and Market Places
  • Mitigating Conscious and Unconscious Bias
  • Inclusion Strategies for Women, Minorities and People With Disabilities
  • The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Lgbtq+ Community as Part of Your Organization
  • He for She
  • The Multi-generational Workforce
  • Celebrating Multiculturalism
  • Know Your Brand: Marketing Diversity & Inclusion
  • Women and the Talent Pipeline
  • Leveraging Employee Resource Groups
  • Understanding Religious Diversity
  • Leveraging the Opportunities of Supplier Diversity

Laraine has been a tremendous business partner helping us advance our understanding of unconscious bias as part of our leadership development. She brings remarkable knowledge and proven strategies for recognizing and addressing bias in the workplace. Her presentation is engaging and impactful.

Mary PostCEO, The American Academy of Neurology