Diversity and Inclusion Consulting and Coaching

We provide a range of individual and organizational coaching and consulting services for senior management, diversity and inclusion committees, employee resource groups and individuals hoping to improve their ability to adapt to cultural differences.

We focus on improving the managerial, operational and economic performance of your organization by analyzing barriers and opportunities for inclusion. Our subject matter experts tailor their coaching and consulting services to your company’s unique needs and budget.

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Consulting and coaching services include:

Facilitation and Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning sessions with executive management
  • Building and leveraging an internal diversity and inclusion committee
  • Leadership and awareness training for diversity and inclusion committees
  • Diversity and inclusion committee development and strategy sessions
  • Advising on diversity and inclusion strategic plans and implementation
  • Advising on internal and external diversity and inclusion communications
  • Building a diversity and inclusion brand
  • Trends and best practices in diversity and inclusion

Cultural Competency Coaching

  • Cultural competence coaching for individual adaptability to differences
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Relocation training/coaching for international assignees

Listening Circles

Our facilitated Listening Circles are designed to create a safe, non-judgmental place to share experiences, particularly underrepresented groups such as women, People of Colour, Indigenous people and people with disabilities. With a focus on healing, Listening Circles help raise awareness of uncomfortable topics in order to engender mutual understanding, empathy and respect.

Our facilitated Listening Circles give participants the opportunity to express what they are thinking and feeling, to bring awareness of uncomfortable topics and engender mutual understanding and empathy. Listening Circles are an effective tool to create a safe, non-judgmental place where participant can share experiences.

Working with Laraine is a joy! She brings knowledge and insight gained from decades of personal experience. Her stories and teaching on cultural agility are transformational.

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