Cultural Diversity Audits and Surveys

Through focus groups, interviews, document reviews, assessments and surveys, we help our clients understand deep-rooted cultural dynamics, uncover inclusiveness challenges and identify opportunities to align your culture with your strategic vision.

We create customized project plans, typically focusing on: Understanding what is expected, reinforced and rewarded, Internal and external perceptions, Barriers to inclusion and systemic biases, Communication, work and decision-making styles and Relationship dynamics.

Diversity and Engagement Surveys

We work with organizations to customize detailed assessments to create a baseline understanding of diversity and inclusion within your organization through:

  1. Self-Identification Data: Measures and analyzes self-identification attributes such as gender, ethnicity, disability, age and LGBTQ+, to build a detailed demographic profile of your organization.
  2. Perception Data: Measures individual perceptions about the work environment and organizational policies on diversity and inclusiveness matters.

Following an audit, we analyze the quantitative and qualitative results to provide a diversity baseline, highlighting significant differences and identifying opportunities for improvement.