Training and Development

Training and Development

We provide a range of inclusiveness education, training and development services for individuals, teams and organizations. Our content, materials and methodology are continuously updated and customized to be effective and relevant across individual, group, national and organizational cultures. Our education programs have been designed, facilitated and replicated across organizations around the world.

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Our services, described below, include:

  1. Workshops and in-person facilitation
  2. E-learning/webinars
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Diversity posters
  5. Relocation training for international assignees

 Workshops and in-person facilitation

We have a network of global facilitators available to provide training in multiple languages.
Frequently requested training topics include:

  • The business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Unconscious bias
  • Cultural agility
  • The global mindset
  • Global intelligence
  • Leveraging generational diversity
  • Women in leadership- gender balance in the pipeline
  • Cross-cultural competence
  • Building and sustaining global virtual teams
  • Understanding religious diversity
  • Growing and leveraging employee resource groups
  • The GLBT community in your organization
  • Strategies for women, minorities and Persons with Disabilities
  • Leveraging cross-cultural dexterity
  • Multicultural team development
  • Cultural integration in mergers and acquisitions
  • Building trust and relationships across differences
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Addressing bullying in the workplace
  • Anti-harassment and anti-discrimintation training
  • Bill 132: working together to create workplaces free of sexual violence and harassment
  • Culture-specific insights (ie. Focus India, China, Brazil, etc.)

Although our sessions are customized per client needs, sample modules include:

Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Diversity 101: Foundations of diversity and inclusion
  2. Diversity 102: Exploring the dimensions and intersections of diversity
  3. Diversity 103: Why is diversity critical for business success?
  4. Diversity 104: Insiders and outsiders- why we must move from diversity to inclusion

Gender Dimensions of Diversity

  1. Gender dynamics: challenges and opportunities for women and men in the workplace
  2. Confronting the glass ceiling: Strategies for building our women talent pipeline
  3. Leaning in: Leadership competencies for women professionals
  4. Gender blind spots: addressing gender bias in talent management

Generational Differences

  1. From myth to reality: generational differences in the workplace
  2. From talk to text: communicating and working effectively across generational differences
  3. Recognition and reward: managing multigenerational teams

Additional Dimensions of Diversity

  1. Conversations on ability 1: Physical accommodation in the workplace
  2. Conversations on ability 2: Addressing mental health
  3. Race and ethnicity: conversations about identity in the workplace
  4. In the closet: LGBTQ issues in the workplace

Cultural Agility

  1. Understanding cultural differences: our changing world and workplace
  2. Trust: Building relationships and bridging cultural differences
  3. Cross-cultural communication 1: Working across differences in multi-cultural teams
  4. Cross-cultural communication 2: Working effectively in virtual teams

Perception or Reality?: Understanding Unconscious Bias

  1. Perception or reality?: what is unconscious bias?
  2. Confronting our assumptions: stereotypes and judgements
  3. Barriers to inclusion: The impact of unconscious bias in the workplace
  4. What can I do about it? 1: Addressing unconscious bias in our personal lives
  5. What can I do about it? 2: Addressing unconscious bias in the workplace


E-learning programs can be an effective and efficient way of providing diversity and inclusion education across large and diverse organizations. E-learning can encompass a range technological-based media which may include: text (articles, white papers), audio (podcasts), images, animation and videos.

In addition to consulting on e-learning capacity building and providing resources, Global LK delivers webinars which can be streamed live or hosted on a shared e-learning sites. Webinars may be accompanied by materials and activities to make them engaging and interesting for the participants. 

We work closely with our clients to develop the scope and content of each e-learning project.

Strategic planning

We facilitate strategic planning sessions with leadership teams, HR business partners and Diversity & Inclusion committees/councils to develop strategic plans for defining D&I challenges, opportunities and goals. We work with our clients to develop roadmaps for cultural change and align D&I strategy with business strategy.

Each of our facilitated sessions includes some learning and is customized based on the desired outcome of the client.

Diversity posters

The Did You Know? (DYK) program is used to reach and educate employees about a different Diversity & Inclusion-related theme each month. The communications comprise one page of content and use short clear messages including stories, examples, pictures and case studies to garner interest and create reflection moments.

See a sample DYK.

Each DYK is accompanied by a Debrief Guide, which leaders can use to facilitate discussion around the Did You Know? in order to make a connection between their own D&I experiences and the business. We customize each DYK after extensive client consultation, aligning them with strategic business communications.

The DYK be distributed at the beginning of each month and, if possible, be related to key ideas represented during that month. A calendar of holidays/events on each document (optional) encourages team members to recognize and value diversity while the content itself can be linked to relevant topics and celebrations taking place that month.

  • Introduction to diversity and inclusion
  • Gender- Women's History Month
  • Work-life Balance
  • Black History Month
  • LGBT
  • Irish American Heritage Month
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • American Indian Heritage Month
  • Celebrating different cultures
    • Cultural introductions
    • Working with people of difference cultures/regions
  • Multigenerational workforce
  • Sports and sports jargon- breaking the code
  • Accessibility and disability
  • Mental health
  • The difference between the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule
  • Checking your Unconscious Bias
  • Managing personality and style differences
  • Communication differences across cultures
  • Human rights
  • Stories to celebrate
    • Use examples of Diversity & Inclusion good practices

Relocation training for international assignees

Global LK provides cultural competency training and consulting services for teams and individuals undertaking international assignments. We recommend:

  1.  Consultation
    1. Design the pre-selection critera of individuals going on international assignment
    2. Customize the training for individual going on assignment
  2. Delivery of services
    1. Pre-departure/on-arrival services
    2. On-arrival and ongoing consultation
    3. Cultural competency training
    4. Repatriation

Every program is customized according to national and global business requirements and the needs of the individuals being placed on assignment.



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Culture is dynamic, not static. 
Our work is customized, current and relevant.

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