Audits and Surveys

Audits and Surveys

Using both quantitative and qualitative methodology, we design and administer customized cultural audits and engagement surveys to assess culture, inclusiveness and engagement within teams and businesses. We work with our clients to understand corporate and team cultures, uncover barriers to inclusion and develop internal inclusion solutions by analyzing and resolvign strategic and operating problems and advising in implementing recommendations. 

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Cultural audits

Our cultural audits are conducted to capture both quantitative and qualitative information about team and corporate cultures.

Using a variety of methodologies including focus groups, interviews, document reviews, assessments and surveys we work with clients to understand deep-rooted cultural dynamics, uncover inclusiveness challenges and identify opportunities to align culture with the strategic vision.

We work closely with our clients to create a customized project plan, typically focusing on:

  • Understanding what is expected, reinforced and rewarded
  • Internal and external perceptions 
  • Barriers to inclusion and systemic biases
  • Communication, work and decision-making styles
  • Relationship dynamics

Following the audit process we provide a comprehensive analysis, recommendations and creative solutions for strengthening

Diversity and engagement surveys

Our surveys are thoughtfully designed after extensive client consultation. We work with organizations to develop, implement and analyze detailed assessments to create a baseline understanding of Diversity & Inclusion within the organization through:

1. Self-Identification data

  • Collected to build a detailed demographic profile of the organization
  • Attributes for self-identification (ie. gender, ethnicity, disability, age, LGBT, etc.) are collected, allowing for analysis within and across relevant groups and sub-groups

2. Perception data

  • Data used to measure individual perceptions about the work environment and organizational policies on diversity and inclusiveness matters

The quantitative and qualitative results and analysis of the survey are used to build a diversity baseline, identify strong scores and opportunities for improvement and highlight differences that are statistically significant and meaningful.


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Culture is dynamic, not static. 
Our work is customized, current and relevant.

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