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   Our increasingly global and diverse workplaces, marketplaces and communities require leaders, teams and organizations to be intentionally inclusive of all dimensions of difference.
   GlobalLK provides customized management and inclusion solutions for companies, teams and individuals. We focus on improving our client processes, procedures and bottom-lines through strategic analysis and creative management solutions. 
   Read below to learn more about our global diversity and strategy services. 

 Management Consulting

As seasoned management consultants, we provide a range of individual and organizational coaching and consulting services for leaders, diversity & inclusion councils/committees, employee resource groups, D&I professionals and people seeking to improve their individual and organizational adaptability to differences. We also provide cross-cultural coaching for clients relocating to, living and working in new cultures.

Our coaching and consulting services fit client needs and budgets. Learn more about our management consulting services.

Cultural Audits and Engagement Surveys

What gets measured gets done. We use quantitative and qualitative methodology in our customized cultural audits and engagement surveys to assess cultural variables, inclusiveness and engagement within teams and businesses. We work with our clients to understand corporate and team cultures, uncover barriers to inclusion and develop internal inclusion solutions by analyzing and resolving strategic and operating problems and advising in implementing recommendations.  

We work with our clients to find answers to questions they didn't know they needed to ask. Learn more about our cultural audit and assessment services.

 Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment (IDI)

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a valid, reliable assessment tool used to measure an individual (or team’s) orientation to difference. We use the IDI with both individual and organizational clients who are seeking to measure their adaptability to all dimensions of difference. The IDI is a highly validated, confidential 3rd-party assessment accessed online.

The IDI has been a well-received tool across client organizations. Learn more about the Intercultural Development Inventory.

 Customized Solutions

Our clients are diverse and unique, so why shouldn't their solutions be, too? We don't believe there is a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to diversity and inclusion, so it's no surprise that we enjoy partnering closely with our clients to design creative inclusiveness solutions for whatever challenge or opportunity their team or organization is facing. We focus on improving client processes, procedures and bottom-line through strategic analysis and creative management solutions. 

All of our work is customized to meet our diverse client needs. Learn more about our creative solutions.

 Training and Development

We provide a range of inclusiveness education services from in-person training and strategic planning to e-learning modules, diversity posters, content development and Train-the-Trainer programs. Our content, materials and methodology are continuously updated and customized to be effective and relevant across individual, group, national and organizational cultures.

Our education programs have been designed, facilitated and replicated across organizations around the world. Learn more about our training and development programs.

Keynote Speaking

Global LK President and senior management consultant, Laraine Kaminsky, has been described as a dynamic and engaging speaker with the capacity to both inform and entertain. We work with our clients to tailor each engagement to meet the needs and objectives of the participants, adapting content to create effective and engaging speaking engagements practical strategies for building skills, tools and solutions into the workplace.

Laraine is a SHRM recommended speaker. Learn more about our keynote speaking topics.

Culture is dynamic, not static. 
Our work is customized, current and relevant.

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