“As part of our diversity initiative, Cox & Palmer engaged Laraine Kaminsky to conduct a series of seminars on unconscious bias throughout the Atlantic Region for our lawyers and management team. We were extremely impressed with Laraine’s expertise and passion on this very important subject. She was engaging and energetic and the positive feedback we received reflected the commitment Laraine put into her presentations. On behalf of Cox & Palmer, I would recommend Laraine to any organization who recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in their workplace.”

Loretta Manning
Past Chair Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Cox & Palmer LLP
Read about Laraine's work with Cox & Palmer in the Society Record, here.

 “Working with Laraine was a great experience. Laraine was able to engage our senior leaders in a very eye-opening conversation about their role in creating a more inclusive corporate culture that supports our organization’s common purpose, to building a great city and to making life better every day.”   

Luminita Tihan
HR Consultant | Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources | People & Culture, City of Calgary

“Laraine is an excellent facilitator! Diversity in the workplace can be a complex and difficult topic, but Laraine did a great job engaging us, keeping the discussion active and lively, and conveying the importance of leadership in creating an inclusive corporate culture.”

Jeff Fielding
City Manager, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Calgary

"The unconscious bias session that I attended last week was amazing.  Laraine is inspiring, thought provoking and a great speaker all around.  I look forward to bringing Laraine into our organization to conduct similar sessions!! Thank you for such an eye opening session."

Marni S. Dicker
Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Infrastructure Ontario

“Laraine did a wonderful job of helping our employer partners understand the importance of effective cross-cultural communications and the role our unconscious biases play in creating, or impeding, inclusive and productive work environments. During her 4-hour session Laraine was engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, she left everyone wanting more. What set her apart from other trainers was her ability to remember details about the audience; I.e., their companies, their nationalities, their families, etc., and incorporate those details into the examples or case studies she used, thus creating a truly inclusive training session.”

Carmen G. Munoz
Manager, National Programs and Communications, International Talent Acquisition Centre

“We held our 2015 Global HR Symposium in Philadelphia. We had over 40 attendees from 20+ countries join us for the event, and our theme for the week was “Passport to a Global Mindset”. Our company struggles with thinking globally – most projects and initiatives are launched with a U.S.-focus, and our global HR team then attempts to translate and modify these for the global population.

We wanted to host a session that would speak to the cultural differences in the room, as well as the ones we deal with on a daily basis. Laraine went above and beyond our expectations for her session. She got the group up and moving, kept them engaged, and really made them think about how they view other cultures.

Personally, I walked away with a new appreciation for my co-workers around the world. Rather than immediately jumping to frustration when I’m met with something outside the norm, I’m finding that I’m more patient and accepting of the differences. I’m appreciating the variety of cultures I get to interact with on a daily basis.

Many in our company are already talking about how to get Laraine back for more sessions. She had a wonderful and contagious enthusiasm, and I’m looking forward to the next time we get to spend with her!”

Stephanie Farmer
International HR Coordinator, AmerisourceBergen

"Laraine is extremely knowledgeable about different cultures and how to embrace diversity with inclusive behavior... Interesting, fun, inspiring and engaging for the participants.  Before and after attending her session, participants are not the same person, because they leave the session with a totally different new perspective, which is for me the first step to Diversity & Inclusion."

Yaprak Sapanli Gorur
3M Company, Head of HR for Central & East Europe

"Laraine, because of her contagious passion and depth of knowledge and experience, has the very unique ability to push individual and organizational boundaries without creating resistance. Her content and delivery are thought-provoking and current. She takes care to truly understand and address the needs of her clients to make the training as relevant to the audience as possible." 

Chantal Parent
Senior Manager, Talent Development & Diversity, PSP Investments


Culture is dynamic, not static. 
Our work is customized, current and relevant.

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