Last week I spent time in both Switzerland and Minneapolis talking about Unconscious Bias and how, once we are aware of it, how to disrupt it.

The application in different countries takes cultural agility. This topic is part of many conversations regarding intentional and unintentional inclusion and exclusion.

How do we disrupt /interrupt bias once we are aware?

I have found it useful to think about the "unearned advantage" and "unearned disadvantage" and how those factors impact bias- both conscious and unconscious .

Immigration is a "hot" topic and will continue to be in 2016 -- when I think of the unearned advantages I had as an immigrant coming into Canada many years ago - I spoke English, my university credentials were recognized, I am white, of Judea /Christian faith. I was an insider. But even with all of those advantages, I still felt quite alone and friendless until I learned more of the unwritten rules /codes of conduct.

For sure another competency to build on is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to disrupt bias on a continuous basis.

What are your suggestions for disrupting bias across cultural differences?