Cycling in Greece at a very interesting time

Cycling in Greece at a very interesting time

By GlobalLk | Added Oct 1, 2015

Cycling in different countries is "my other thing".

What better way to learn about another culture than from the seat of a bicycle?

On September 26th, I arrived in Athens to start a cycle trip called The Saronic Jewels, to 3 Islands and on the main land.

This is my 16th  out of Canada Cycle trip - others have been in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Vienna to Budapest, Tallin, Estonia to St Petersberg, Russia, The Balaton Lakes in Hungary, Vietnam, Tuscany, Italy, Bordeaux, France, Dordogne, France, Bhutan, Puglia, Italy, Costa Rica, Cuba, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia and now here in Greece.

Each trip has been an entirely different learning experience. This trip to Greece has been fascinating in terms of the resilience of the population during an on-going economic and political crisis.

The media shows Greece in turmoil. We see the people dealing with the challenges with a certain degree of resignation and adaptation to the new realities. Our world is ever-changing. 

How do you get to know a new country/culture? What is your 'other thing'- your interest or passion? 

Cheers from Greece,


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