Shana Tova

Shana Tova

By GlobalLk | Added Oct 3, 2016

Shana Tova!
At sunset yesterday evening, Jews around the world started observing the beginning of the New Year- Rosh Hashanah.
We begin 10 days of contemplation culminating in Yom Kippur, which begins at sunset on October 11th and ends at sunset on October 12th.
The symbols of Rosh Hashanah are apples and honey- for a sweet new year. The greeting is Shana Tova- have a good year, a healthy year and may you be inscribed in the book of life.
I wish that for you and yours, a year of peace, good health and happiness. May we ALL be inscribed in the book of life.
Warm regards,
Laraine, Kristen, Leslie, Emilie, Sema and the Global LK extended team 

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