Bell Let's Talk Day

Bell Let's Talk Day

By GlobalLk | Added Jan 25, 2017

January 25th is Bell Let's Talk day. It has become such an amazing contribution to our narrative. I have been thinking a lot about talking and listening - how do we talk /communicate?

Who do we talk to?

How do we listen?

With technology, our speaking and listening patterns are changing. When it comes to mental health issues there are so many barriers to communication anyway and when we add the complexity of cultural and social norms and taboos, they can become insurmountable.

I am becoming increasingly mindful of the importance of talking and listening - particularly when we fear the topic.

How do we support those grieving and suffering?

How do we work to see the invisible disability, the spectrum of mental illnesses and their impact on the individual and their entire network - and those who have no support?

This excellent iniative has helped many Canadians be more open to talking about mental health. It's our responsilbity to listen and be inclusive of those who share their stories and those who are still suffering.

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