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Bell Let's Talk Day

By admin | Added Jan 25, 2017
January 25th is Bell Let's Talk day. It has become such an amazing contribution to our narrative. I have been thinking a lot about talking and listening - how do we talk /communicate? Who do we talk to? How do we listen? With technolo...

Shana Tova

By admin | Added Oct 3, 2016
Shana Tova!   At sunset yesterday evening, Jews around the world started observing the beginning of the New Year- Rosh Hashanah.   We begin 10 days of contemplation culminating in Yom Kippur, which begins at sunset on October...

Because it's 2016

By admin | Added Feb 3, 2016
Here is an interesting perspective from the US on Gender Equity and how this can be leveraged into other sectors globally. The original blog can be found here. What are your expectations and opinions moving forward? Because It's 2016 ...

Disrupting bias & leveraging cultural agility

By admin | Added Dec 15, 2015
Last week I spent time in both Switzerland and Minneapolis talking about Unconscious Bias and how, once we are aware of it, how to disrupt it. The application in different countries takes cultural agility. This topic is part of many conversat...

The coconut and the peach - understanding cultural analogies

By admin | Added Dec 9, 2015
Working in Switzerland with local teams in a Global Company is always interesting. We work hard to avoid national stereotypes, but the influences of history, politics, geography and a multitude of other variables shape national culture. In E...

Essential requirements for global markets

By admin | Added Oct 14, 2015
Global Mindset and Cultural Agility essential requirements for all in entering global markets We so often read of organizations and associations going global without the global mindset. The technical skills, product knowledge and financial ...

Cycling in Greece at a very interesting time

By admin | Added Oct 1, 2015
Cycling in different countries is "my other thing". What better way to learn about another culture than from the seat of a bicycle? On September 26th, I arrived in Athens to start a cycle trip called The Saronic Jewels, to 3 Island...

Global HR Meeting - Global Mindset and Cultural Agility

By admin | Added Sep 21, 2015
This week I had the privilege of working with a US based company who gathered  their Global HR team together for the first time. My half day session was highly interactive and engaged the different participants from 14 countries to learn, ...

7-year journey at Global LK

By admin | Added Sep 2, 2015
Global LK is my second entrepreneurial journey and it has been a wonderful experience. My work has taken me to many, many countries on every continent. I have met with people who have changed my perspective on life/work/family/ expectations ...

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