About: Laraine Kaminsky

Laraine Kaminsky
CEO & President, Global LK
Management Consultant

Laraine Kaminsky, President and CEO of Global LK, a global management consulting firm, has lived on three continents and worked in over 93 countries.

In 1989, she launched a management consultancy to build, leverage and develop leaders and managers in an increasingly global economy.

Laraine is a sought after consultant and speaker on diversity and inclusion trends in the global workplace and marketplace. She provides strategic managemnet consulting, facilitation and program delivery for a variety of global organizations.

She has a strong understanding of inclusion and diversity opportunities and challenges with a global perspective. Laraine focuses on cultural, religious, gender and generational issues and how they impact on organizational effectiveness and inclusiveness.

She advises, mentors, and educates leaders and team members on the value of inclusive leadership. Her ability to communicate the complexities of the global mindset has been recognized in multiple media.   

Her clients and experience include diverse organizations in the public and private sector, many national and international businesses and several law, financial and professional services firms.

Laraine has ‘leaned in’ and has both a personal and professional interest and expertise in leveraging and including global diversity and inclusion.

She takes a well-rounded approach to expanding her own cross cultural competence, and draws from life experience, study, research, and travel – in particular, she enjoys exploring a culture from the seat of her bicycle and cycles in as many countries as possible.


Contact Laraine: lkaminsky@globallk.com




Laraine Speaks to You
Cultural Competence: Navigating Complexity in an Intercultural World

Between the rapid growth of modern technology and ever-expanding globalization, our world is more interconnected than ever before. In our personal lives and business activities- working and interacting across different time zones, languages and cultures- it is important that as diversity leaders we learn to navigate complexity in an intercultural world.


Where in the World Is Laraine?

Laraine is a true 'road warrior' having lived, worked and traveled in more than 95 countries. Check back here to find out where in the world is Laraine today?

Ottawa, Canada














Culture is dynamic, not static. 
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