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Enidio Magel

Enidio Magel is an intercultural specialist, global facilitator and executive coach. His work expands over 18 years in the field of diversity and cross cultural psychology. His contributions have been featured in Hispanic and Parenting magazines, El Mundo and The Austin American Statesman. 

Enidio has facilitated numerous sessions on global inclusion, unconscious bias and intercultural effectiveness throughout the world, for audiences such as UNICEF, The Discovery Channel, JPMorgan Chase, The National Basketball Association, AIG, and Microsoft among others.  He has also coached dozens of executives managing global engagements across four continents.

Mr. Magel holds a cross-cultural psychology degree from the University of Texas in Austin and a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology.  Enidio was part of the executive team that founded People Express Airlines, a company that revolutionized the airline industry, and he is currently the founder and managing director of the Multi-Cultural Institute in Austin, Texas. 

Mr. Magel is bilingual and a certified medical interpreter.  He is also the co-founder of The Missy Project, a 501(c) 3 dedicated to inform others about brain aneurysm disease in children.

Examples of national and global initiatives lead by Mr. Magel:

  • Facilitation of East Asia Regional Conference on gender equity in Thailand for UNICEF
  • Consultant for the National Basketball Association on Diversity and global leadership development
  • Cultural and executive coach for dozens of ex-pats throughout Europe, North and South America
  • Researched and evaluated data relating to challenges for Native Americans in the workplace
  • Worked with the Texas Department of Economic Development Tourism’s division for Tourism development in Latin America
  • The design and facilitation of cultural competency training modules for healthcare professionals, some are currently being used by several health maintenance organizations
  • The development and training of organizational support systems that encourage attraction and retention of diverse candidates
  • Employee Resource Group development and training for a major U.S. financial institution


  • “No Cost To Low Cost Tips for Marketing to a Diverse America” Town & City
  • “How To Raise Unbiased Children”, PARENTING
  • "Managing Differences at Work”, Austin American Statesman
  • “Strength in Diversity; How well Managed Cultural Training Programs Can Turn Conflict into Profits”


Culture is dynamic, not static. 
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